Backup And Restore SMS On Android Phone Top 10 best ways

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Backup and restore SMS on Android using Google Drive and any third party apps is more easy. There are more than 10 best ways here to backup and restore SMS on Android and you can restore it back with your smartphone.

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Sometime we also so need backup up of SMS for new device. There is is an Ultimate SMS backup and restore app which is totally free at Google Play Store. You can download it and install it free at your smartphone.

Why there is a need to backup and restore SMS on Android phone?

There are many possible reasons that you might to take backup of your all SMS or or if you are using any other messaging services like WhatsApp and Viber. So there is why you need to to backup your all SMS and messages. Others possible reasons could be

1. Backup and restore SMS on Android using Google Drive


Google Drive is one of the most convenient app from Google where you can store your all messages and take a full backup. Google drive which has multi purposes usage to store your personal data images files and along with you can Store and backup data on Google Drive.

One of the major drawbacks of using Google drive as a backup Store is that all the deleted files will permanently delete after 55 total data production days.


If you have some files in trash folder google Drive will keep it safe for 30 days and you can still recover it. After that a protection  of 55 days and you will not be able to read Drive because Google Drive will permanently delete all the files and there is no way to get it back.

How to automatically backup your SMS messages to Google drive?

1. Your first step to take backup of your SMS messages by opening Notification Shade of your smartphone and then click on setting icon.

2. In setting page you will have to step down to watch out google option and then click on backup to take full backup now.

Google >> Backup >> Backup Now

3. After taking backup you will see all of your backups in Google Drive main menu and you will also take a look on Google Drive backup setting.

2. Backup and restore SMS on Android using third party apps

While Google drive has many advantages but it has also men disadvantages as they did not keep backup for long time. There is an another way to take backup of your SMS messages through a 3rd party app.

1. SMS Backup and Restore


SMS Backup and Restore is one of the best app in Google Play Store which is totally free download and install. SMS Backup and Restore is one of the best app in 2019 to take a full backup of your SMS and restore it back.

How it works ?

1 First you need to download and install SMS Backup and Restore from Google Play Store and open it directly.

2 In the second step it will show you you to get started and then you can set up backup by allow SMS backup and restore.

2. Right Backup Anywhere

Right Backup Anywhere is one of the best app on Google Play Store for automatic backup method. Right Backup Anywhere is available with one month free trial along with 100 MB of data.

Features of Right Backup Anywhere

  • Restore of personnel data and SMS messages on your Android device using three different options like:
  • Custom restore
    Smart restore
    Search file
  • Automatic sms pack without bothering you
  • One step account login to any of your device.
  • SSL encryption and protection of your data with great security.

3. SMS Backup+

SMS Backup+ another unique app for automatically backup of your all SMS and even your MMS with call history. From SMS Backup+ App you can also restored your save data why switching to a new device.

It also create separate labels in Gmail and Google calendar and you just need to enable IMAP access manually. It is one of the best backup and restore app for SMS and MMS which is free and open source.

Features Of SMS Backup+

  • Free open-source with ad-free and no tracking
  • Full automatic backups new different labels to categorise your all files and folders.
  • From this great app you can take a full control of your personal data once you in able IMAP manually on Gmail.

4. SMS Backup Print & Restore

SMS Backup Print & Restore  is another great app with unique features where you can and take backup and restore of your SMS messages on Android.

You can convert your messages and SMS in two different formats like JPG , CSV, TXT , PDF.
Ok you can also take it as a printable document to share with others.

Features Of SMS Backup Print & Restore

  • It supports different types of personal data like messages videos and even your favorite emojis.
  • Customization of your saved conversation

5. Backup and restore SMS messages on android to PC

Droid Transfer is one of the well-known and popular app for PC to take backup of your sMS messages from Android. Droid Transfer can easily take a backup of your messages from your smartphone and save them in different formats. From Droid Transfer you can transfer different types of data like music photo and even your contacts.

How to take Android sMS backup using Droid Transfer?

  1. First you need to download Droid Transfer and then install on your PC. You also need to install transfer companion on your Android device.
  2. Download and open transfer companion app on your Android device. After then connect it to PC via USB or any Wi-Fi available
  3. After scanning the QR code on transfer companion you can easily watch out all the message headers in Droid Transfer app on your PC.
  4. Now it’s done you can save all the messages in PDF or HTML printed formed.

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Backup and restore SMS on Android is now easy with these top 5 ways. If you have any other idea are using any other useful app comment down below to make this article more better.

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