Facebook Beta:Facebook New Desktop Layout Update Finally Here

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Facebook Beta: Facebook desktop layout update 2019 is finally here with amazing desktop layout and smooth navigation with elements on top of the screen.

Facebook Beta was rolling about from the previous month and finally, it is launched in October 2019. With the new amazing experience of layout, design facebook makes this layout as a Facebook beta. No user can shift between both layouts using settings.

What is new in Facebook beta?

Facebook desktop layout update Begins Rolling Out

  • Quick and smooth navigation
  • Larger and simplified fonts and icons
  • Amazing customization of tabs and other formats
  • Different new styles and other tabs introduce
  • Introducing of the left side panel
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Dark mode

And more other features you can explore

Facebook Beta Facebook Messanger
Facebook Beta Facebook Messanger

How to use Facebook beta?

Efficiently Facebook users received a message from Facebook for the welcoming to fresh and simpler Facebook. If you want to use Facebook beta you can get started by clicking on the button.

  1. To open facebook Beta (facebook new design in 2019) go to ride top corner and click on down arrow.

    Shift to Facebook Beta
    Shift to Facebook Beta

2.  In the settings, you will see many options along with a switch to the Facebook Beta option.

How to shift from Facebook Beta to Facebook Classic?

If you did not like Facebook Pita first you have to give feedback if you found any of the missing updates for any bug you found.

To shift from Facebook beta to old classic Facebook layout click on your profile icon and then click on the switch to classic Facebook.

Shift to Facebook Classic
Shift to Facebook Classic

Upcoming Facebook beta update

Facebook Tests New Photo Layout Options for Multi-Image Posts
Facebook Tests New Photo Layout Options for Multi-Image Posts

Facebook also testing a new layout option for photo posting where users can use a multi-image post layout. Multi-image post image layout consists of more than 5 different styles.

One of the social analyst Wong shared photos on Twitter which gives for different presentation styles of multi-image uploads on a single post.

With a dynamic image style and amazing color feature, this will give an amazing look like an image gallery.

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