Facebook desktop layout update Begins Rolling Out

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Facebook desktop layout update in 2019 of the biggest facebook updates in 2019 which is rolling out from back in May 2019. The Rolling out of new Facebook desktop layout experience to users a simple and better way to interact with.

New Facebook desktop layout is one of the new updates for Facebook announced in Facebook F8 2019.

Facebook Desktop Layout Update 2019

Facebook desktop layout update Begins Rolling Out
Facebook desktop layout update Begins Rolling Out

New Facebook desktop layout update 2019 comes with new you and their layout with smooth navigation and favorite elements on the top of the screen. Most favorite icons will be compressed and will be shown on the top of the screen making them easier to use.

Groups layout and other dedicated experience with center images may be like by users. As the Facebook redesign the desktop layout it will line up in the center as the facebook mobile version.

When New Facebook desktop Layout Update Come?

Facebook desktop layout update Begins Rolling Out
Facebook desktop layout update Begins Rolling Out

New Facebook Layout for Desktop vision is actually spotted in testing sometimes ago.it is in beta testing and soon be released. Facebook will prompt notifying all of the facebook users of the change in facebook layout update.

One of the major reasons for Facebook new desktop update it is to say goodbye to traditional Facebook Blue desktop design and make is it easier to navigate.

Most of the elements and dedicated sections will update in this desktop version with a new tab like format.I

What’s new in in in Facebook desktop layout update

  • Quickly get to your most-used features with our new streamlined way to navigate
  • Larger fonts and simplified layout make it easier to find things
  • Now we’ill save your spot if you navigate away from newsfeed
  • Amazing tab-like formats for easier navigation
  • Suggestion, new local news section, and even tab.
  • New tools for specific groups where you can share information without your name appears on the post.
  • And other updates with no right-side panel and with new setting option

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