Google Privacy Features Update 2019 : Block Mixed Content

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Google privacy features update 2019 make any statement to block mixed content for better Google Chrome browsing security. Google privacy features announced recently to secure searches on YouTube, Google Map and also google Assistant voice command.

Google Chrome is now going to block websites if they contain any mixed content and not enabled https. Although Google also preferred and make them in top searches if they have their own SSL certificate.

What is mixed content

Google privacy features update 2019 Block mixed content
Google privacy features update 2019 Block mixed content

Mixed content is a type of content that is delivered on Google Chrome in two different formats. These formats are:

  • Https
  • Http

1. Https (secure encrypted connection)

Most of the sides, if they have their own SSL certificates, have a secure encrypted connection. Https ensure that the webpage is secure to crawl by Google. The communication between the website server and your network connection is fully encrypted.

2. Http

Http is a unencrypted and and Secure connection to the server through your web page. Any data which is transferred from besides which have no SSL certificate or using http can we easily hacked by hackers and obviously they did not guarantee any encryption.

The latest Google Chrome feature will update you with a signified warning sign before the website URL. Sometimes https also hidden behind not secure highlight but they are still deliver content on https connection.

The webpage is that deliver insecure content and they have not enable https they are also providing mixed content over internet. Check out Google latest update 2019 where Google announce some new security and password checkup tools.

How Google will block mixed content on Google Chrome?

According to Google blogs Google Chrome some of the new incoming chrome updates. Google Chrome three new versions are coming and from this year from December you will see these updates.

1. Chrome 79 (blocked mixed content by default)

Google privacy features update 2019 Block mixed content

In Google Chrome 79 google will block all the mixed script and iframes on Chrome session. Google is already working on mixed scripts unblock mixed content and insecure content.

If you will open insecure content web pages it will display a message like Insecure Content Blocked.

How to unlock mixed content web page?


1. If you want to unlock any blocked web page which is blocked by default by Google Chrome you have to open site setting in left most side of the address bar.

2. Here in site settings you have to Allow block mixed content.

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2. Chrome 80 (block mixed content in the form of audio and video)

In Chrome 80 it is one of the the biggest update two blocked mixed content in the form of audio and video. If a web page contain images it will show not secure option. If the webpage is not loading over secure https connection it will blocked by Chrome by default.

3. Chrome 81 (block mixed images)

Chrome 81 which will be launched in February 2020 we will have a finally complete security to block mixed content like images. In the official Google’s blog developers and other website writers warned by Google cleanup web pages to fix web content according to Google’s new rules. Recently Google also update policies about publishers and advertisers.

Mixed Content via Ads

Some of the ads based insecure are already blocked by Google Chrome. Recently Google Chrome blocked fake ad blockers which are causing cookie stuffing and causing security breaches. If you want to use use any best ads extension for Google Chrome then you can use StopAll Ads extension which is available on Google Chrome.

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