latest google update 2019:Google new security and password checkup tools

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Latest Google update 2019 comes with new Google data control and security options including a password checkup app and more other tools in 2019.

Recently at the time of Cybersecurity Awareness Month Google has just released some of the new features in Google Apps which is quite more easy to use and useful.

Some of the top latest Google updates 2019 are:

  • Incognito mode in Google Maps to hide your location history.
  • For YouTube app to delete the history
  • New password checkup tool to give you suggestion about strong password
  • Google Keep update includes several new features 2019

1. Google Map Incognito mode

Google Map Incognito food is is another latest Google update in 2019 which gives you a benefit to keeping hide your location history by turning on incognito mode.

Google Chrome also offers an incognito mode. Now you can easily open your browser in incognito mode.

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How to open incognito mode in Google Map?

How to open incognito mode in Google Map?
  • First, open your Google Map on your smartphone.
  • Open the profile setting on the right top corner and then click on turn on Incognito mode.

What will be the benefits of Google Map Incognito mode?

Google Map Incognito mode which is rolling out from Android and IOS this month is one of the new updates in Google. It gives the benefits to keep and hide your private location.
Now no one can look up your Google Map history because it is now private.

How does Incognito mode work in Google Maps?

When you start using Google Maps in the incognito mode it will not save your search history in Google account and your all searching like Recombinant restaurant and other features keep in the hide.

2. YouTube history auto-delete feature



Recently Google added a new YouTube feature to auto-delete your history using a timer in 2019.

YouTube new auto delete timer feature for search history consist of three options are:

  • Keep until I delete manually
  • Keep for 18 months and then deleted automatically
  • Keep for 3 months and then deleted automatically

Benefits of using the auto-delete feature

Auto delete timer history features for YouTube will be a benefit for parents of young kids watch YouTube videos on the same device. It will also start getting a recommendation for Annoying Song that you’ve watched recently.

With the help of Google assistant, you can also delete your history by voice command like

Delete everything I said to you last week

From this command, google assistant will automatically delete everything and all isn’t history.

3. Google password check-up tool

Password Checkup Tool By Google
Password Checkup Tool By Google

Google is also running out with a new password check-up tool. Password check-up tool in 2019 is one of the best apps to provide you you the facility to find out the weak passwords that you set up for difference google websites.

The password check-up tool will help to check out your passwords they are used by different sites and also suggest you strong password if they compromised by a third-party data breach.

Download Password Checkup extension by Google
Download Password Checkup Chrome Extension by Google

You can visit today’s Google Password Manager to get started and saved any password in your Google account.

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