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PS5 is the next-generation PlayStation console and recently sony announced if release date, specification and all rumours about PS5. Recently Chief architect on Sony’s Mark Cerny announces big news about PS4 successor and after PS4 Pro sony finally going to launch PS5 at the end of 2020.

A few days ago PS5 news broke in Sony market it comes with many different features about its design and its link-up with Sony and Microsoft plan for giving streaming. This year E3 2019 was with big announcements expose Project Scarlet Console and PS5 console and now there is a war between two of these gaming controls.

Here Is everything about PS5

What Is The Release Date Of PS5?

PlayStation 5 is going to fight with Xbox project Scarlet console and there will be a direct competition between both of them. According to Sony official confirmation, PS5 is going to release on holiday 2020 and there is much more expectation that it will be released between October 99 December 2020.

PS5 Controller

Next Sony PlayStation PS5 who is going to release with its own controller and replacing with the old technology of Dualshock 4. Although it is not confirmed that next PlayStation with the name of DualShock 5 there are lots of rumours about the new design and PlayStation 5 controllers feedback.

With the new buttons, redesign PS5 controller will be if 5th generation console and with better controllers feedback. Triggers buttons(L2/R2) are replaced with a more cool design for better action and simulation of different objects within the game.

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PS5 News And Rumours

DualShock 5 will be the first touch-based PlayStation controller Another biggest rumours about PS5 as a name to with Dualshock 5 could be touch-based PlayStation controller.

It may have no buttons but have touch base system and replaced with completely traditional controller. With only a single screen it will automatically display the current traditional DualShock 5 layout and you can press any of the icons at the top right corner of the comptroller.

It May Gonna Charge Via Wi-Fi

PS5 has its own active Wi-Fi connection can charge itself via Wi-Fi. Charging settings is available in the menu on the control itself. It can also have the ability to charge itself in a game at a certain percentage and no you will not be worried about controller charge while you are playing a game.

PS5 Design And Specification

PS5 which is recently revealed back in April buy Sony PlayStation architect Mark Cerny and they revealed lots of information and PS5 design and specification.

According to Mark Cerny PS5 will be 19 times faster than traditional PlayStation. With immense haptic design playStation 5 could be a 3rd Generation 8 Core 8-core AMD Ryzen CPU, 7-nanometer Zen 2 microarchitecture. If you talk about GPU it is customised with Radeon Navi GPU which is capable of ray tracing and cloud infrastructure.

PS5 Compatibility

Although it is not possible for PS5 to compatible with PS4 players and other games but Sony has officially confirmed that it has backward compatibility. PS5 will be compatible with pS4, pS3 and PS4 and as well as original PlayStation from the mid-90s. It is also confirmed that it will with the great support of PSVR and the players could play games with PlayStation 4 players.

Physical disk Specification

100 GB of the optical disc and the device will be capable of drive 4K Blu Ray.

3D Holographic Screen

With no glass needed for PS5, it is going to 2 released in 3D holographic display screen which allows you to play 3D video games without using any 3D glasses.

PS5 Power Consumption And It Will Be Eco-Friendly

Lots of efforts need for PlayStation 5 developers to make it more eco-friendly and less power consumption control. According to some rumours, PS5 will be achieved 0.5 words power and use less energy than PS4 which is equivalent to the electricity used by 1,000 US homes if 1 million users enable this feature

PS5 price

With the advancement of Technology and enhancement in devices especially in PlayStation, it requires to need some more advanced things. According to Nishikawa PlayStation, 5 Pro will be more costly than PS4 and it will roundabout $100-$150 more costly than basic PS4 console.

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