Share WhatsApp Status on Facebook: Latest WhatsApp Update

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Share WhatsApp status on Facebook is another big update by WhatsApp. Now you can easily share your WhatsApp status on Facebook as well as on WhatsApp.

The future was rolling out from the previous few months ago and now it is released in few countries where WhatsApp users can easily use this feature.

How to share Whatsapp status on Facebook?



On the official WhatsApp website, a complete detail is shared to teach users how to share your status on Facebook.

You can easily watch out your all the status which can easily become Facebook stories after you share on Facebook profile. These Facebook shares of status can be accessible to all of the users and friends.

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In the WhatsApp latest app, this feature will be shown as share to the Facebook story and you can easily share it with a button under it. There are also multiple options under this button to share your status via Facebook Gmail or even Instagram.

By clicking on the share to Facebook story button you can easily find out all the important icons including Facebook skype WhatsApp Gmail and other important apps to share stories.

How can I use this feature?

To use this feature you have to download uninstall latest WhatsApp version which is WhatsApp version 2.19.258.

Latest WhatsApp version it’s not yet official but it will soon be released with new updates globally. This amazing option is not available in Europe but most of the Asian countries are enjoying this amazing update by directly sharing status on Facebook and other social media.

How to use WhatsApp status on Facebook?

New WhatsApp update feature can be worked in many ways if you want to share more than one status you can easily share them with Facebook stories. And if you did not want to share multiple stories you can share only a few of them by your choice.

To share stories you can easily go to to my status section on WhatsApp and directly share any of your status bike a clicking 3 dot button and then you can easily share it by clicking share to Facebook option

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