Stickers On WhatsApp : How To Use Stickers On WhatsApp For Android

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Stickers On WhatsApp: How To Use Stickers On WhatsApp For Android. Stickers on WhatsApp is another amazing feature and using nowadays with updated iOS 13 release. As iOS 13 and iPhone 10 and above country with amazing Animoji stickers which will let you make live videos and recording with emoji stickers.

Stickers on WhatsApp as emoji is another option to create an avatar for you. And WhatsApp also making more updates and features in 2019. Recently WhatsApp new update released to Share WhatsApp status on Facebook.

Animoji and Memoji Stickers

Animoji and Memoji Stickers which are using on various platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, up and any other messaging app which is available on both iPhone and IOS.

Many useful apps have the ability to create amazing emojis send stickers on WhatsApp which can be used and share with someone easily. In this article, we are going to show you how to share and use stickers on WhatsApp.

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Sticker on WhatsApp for Android

Sometimes we received messages from friends and families with Memoji and Animoji stickers. But did you know how to use these Memoji and Animoji stickers on WhatsApp so that you can also share it with others?

Stickers On WhatsApp : How To Use Stickers On WhatsApp For Android

Stickers on WhatsApp can also be created on iOS on iPhone devices and directly transfer into WhatsApp throw your mobile phone.

1. The first step is to need to create your own emojis using the Memoji app. First, you should need to go to the messaging app on the iPhone and then click on stickers.

2. To make your own stickers first click on the add sign button and then you can customize it as your own choice with facial features hairstyle and even you can customize eyes and skin color.

3. Once you are done creating stickers you can share it directly to WhatsApp.

4. Now from two ways, you can share it directly with your friends.

The first way is to Forward The Message by click on the sticker for long press and then click on the share button on the right top corner of the WhatsApp. In this way, you can share any of the sticker directly through the share button.

Stickers On WhatsApp : How To Use Stickers On WhatsApp For Android

Is the second way is to share stickers by adding to your favorite list? Just click on any emoji and then click on add to favorite option. Now once you done you can send any sticker by directly messing to the person who you want to talk and send a message.

Stickers On WhatsApp : How To Use Stickers On WhatsApp For Android

Send stickers on WhatsApp with Bitmoji

Bitmoji beautiful amazing app where you can create your own personal emoji stickers for WhatsApp using Android and IOS devices.

Now you can easily form your keyboard make stickers for WhatsApp. Bitmoji which is already popular among smartphone users to create sends and share emojis.

How to make emojis and stickers using Bitmoji App?

Bitmoji is available for both IOS and Android. First, you need to install and then create an account or you can use your Snapchat account to connect with Bitmoji.

Now you can create your own emoji and stickers by taking a selfie. Bitmoji will create an amazing avatar that resembles you.

Stickers on WhatsApp using Gboard

From your clicking selfies, you can make WhatsApp emojis and mini-me stickers using the latest edition of Gboard Stickers. For this, you have to use a Gboard sticker panel and it will create beautiful avatar pure on the face and shape with hair color and skin tone.

Stickers On WhatsApp For Android and iOS are commonly using. Stickers users used different kinds of apps for Whatsapp and other social media accounts.Which one are you using comment down below!

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