Telegram File Transfer Limit Finally Revealed

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Telegram file transfer limit finally revealed as it is better than any messenger as it is giving the most secure and encrypted messaging service.

Telegram just started a war with WhatsApp by introducing new Telegram features in 2019. Both platforms have your own advantages and disadvantages of providing new features and better calling with friends and families.

New file transfer limit revealed by WhatsApp and Telegram

Recently twitter tweet bye WhatsApp revealed about WhatsApp file limit which is 100 MB. According to WhatsApp instead of sending huge size of the email, users can send 100MB files any of friends or colleagues.

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On the other hand, Telegram mocked WhatsApp by displaying its own file transfer limit which is more than any Messenger.

Recently Telegram Messenger also tweets on Twitter about file transfer limit.

  • WhatsApp File Transfer Limit = 100MB
  • Telegram Messenger File Transfer Limit = 1.5GB
  • Facebook Messenger File Transfer Limit = 100MB (Through Workplace Chat 25MB)

A few years back WhatsApp was using 16 MB of file transfer limit at did not reveal about true file transfer. Hundred MB file transfer is quite easy to use and send files with images and video but not in the resolution of 4K.

Telegram File Transfer Limit of 1.5GB can also help telegram users to send 4K videos and images in better quality.

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In comparison with of both to its telegram messenger, God more like and retweets as compared to WhatsApp. According to WhatsApp, they are trying to boost can you transfer limit.

Telegram File Transfer Limit of 1.5 can send and receive files in 4K regulation but it can cost a bit of money and also effect internet Wi-Fi to do.

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