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iPhone 15 Upcoming Features, Price and Rumors

by Rohan Kumar
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iPhone 14 line was issued in September 2022 and iPhone 15 is rumored to be launched in September
2023, iPhone 15 has already created quite a buzz. It is expected that iPhone 15 lineup will follow the
same format as the iPhone 14 (standard and pro model).

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max (also rumored to be rebranded as the iPhone 15 Ultra)

Screen size

It is expected that the screen size of iPhone 15 will be the same as the iPhone 14 series of today.

iPhone 15iPhone 15 PlusiPhone 15 ProiPhone 15 Pro max
6.1 inch6.7 inch6.1 inch6.7 inch


Dynamic Island is a feature that was introduced in the iPhone 14 Pro models. It is essentially a mini display that shows information related to the camera, such as the camera settings and shooting mode, when the camera app is opened. This feature was exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro models and was not available in the standard iPhone 14.

However, with the upcoming iPhone 15 lineup, it is expected that Dynamic Island will be available across all models, including the standard iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max (or iPhone 15 Ultra, as it may be rebranded). This means that all iPhone 15 users will be able to benefit from this feature, which is designed to enhance the camera experience.


All upcoming iPhone models, including the standard versions, are expected to replace the traditional Lightning port with the more versatile USB-C port. Although it is uncertain what data transfer speed the USB-C port will offer on the standard models, it is anticipated to be similar to the 80Mbps data transfer rate available on the iPhone 14. This change is expected to provide a more universal and flexible charging and data transfer solution for iPhone users.


Apple will use a Qualcomm chip. A16 chip was used in the iPhone 14 Pro models. A17 is much faster and more efficient. This tiny 3-nanometer chipset will significantly benefit speed and battery life, with chip manufacturer TMSC predicting a 35% improvement in power efficiency.

iPhone 15Iphone 15 plusiPhone 15 proiPhone 15 Pro max
A16 & 6 GB RAMA16 & 6 GB RAMA17 & 8 GB RAMA17 & 8 GB RAM


Apple has improved its camera over a period of time and it is expected that. Pro model will have a significant upgrade compared to the standard model. iPhone 15 models will have wide and Ultra-Wide lenses, whereas iPhone 15 Pro will get a standard zoom lens. It is highly speculated that iPhone 15 Pro Max will have the new periscope lens. Periscope lens offers optical zoom capabilities that exceed those possible with a standard telephoto lens.

Device Body

The regular iPhone model has no home button but has a volume up, volume down, and the power button. It is rumored that these buttons will be replaced. iPhone 15 Pro will have one single volume button. End needs to be pressed to adjust the volume. The button for silent mode will be a slider. This needs to be pushed in order to switch on or off the silent mode

Titanium curved edges and thin bezels (Likely)

It is expected that iPhone 15 Pro models could be made from titanium and will have a rounded-edge design similar to the MacBook Pro lineup. It is also expected that they will have 1.55 mm thick bezels.

No Touch ID

Though there have been ongoing rumors suggesting Apple has considered bringing Touch ID back to its flagship iPhones using an under-display solution, the iPhone 15 models are not expected to include Touch ID and will continue to use Face ID.

SIM Card Tray

When Apple launched iPhone 14 models in USA, SIM card tray was removed. It is expected that SIM card tray could be removed in additional countries, mostly in Europe.

Wi-Fi 6E

Wi-Fi 6E offers more bandwidth, providing faster connectivity speeds, lower latency, and increased capacity. Wi-Fi 6E provides 1.2GHz more spectrum in the 6GHz band, and it can support whole home gigabit coverage, multi-gigabit connectivity for venues, and it has the bandwidth for higher data streams like those used for AR and VR experiences.

iPhone 15Iphone 15 plusiPhone 15 proiPhone 15 Pro max
Wi-Fi 6Wi-Fi 6Wi-Fi 6EWi-Fi 6E

In conclusion, the iPhone 15 is shaping up to be another impressive device from Apple, with a host of new features and improvements over its predecessor. With its expected launch in September 2023, it is sure to be a highly anticipated event for Apple fans and tech enthusiasts alike.

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